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Electrical Question involving blown fuse and engine light!

Tony T.

So the other night I go to see if my power outlet on the fairing of my '02 Glide Classic works. Plug my sattelite radio in and it dont work. OK. Try it with ign on. Still dont work but i noticed my check engine light didnt come on this time. Hmmm? So I play with more stuff, no turn sigs, no brake lights? So I check fuses and find the bad one and replace it with the required 15 amp fuse. Tried the turn sigs and brakes and they worked, also my check engine light worked again, only now it goes out after the normal amount of time then stays off for a couple secs and comes back on for what must be 10 to 15 more secs then goes out for good. It does this weather I start the bike or not. Did blowing this fuse reset something or what happened here? Thanks in advance for your help!
So my next dumb question..... it says to cross pins 1 & 2 well there are 4 pins and doing it the way the directions give I can only use 2 combinations. They are not numbered, does it matter wich pair I use?
Never mind looked again while waiting and they are marked on the end that the wires come into the plug! I will let you know what I find out! I just find it odd that blowing a fuse would cause a code!
Pretty much anything out of the norm on these bike sets a code. It will extinguish itself if you go through 50 cycles of start and run of at least 30 seconds each. No need for the dealer here unless it is a current code which will keep the light on all the time.
Thanks for all the help! Looks like you must be the "go to smart guy" around here! Code 99 Historic - Loss of Idle speed control. Sound like an important fuse to have blown then start the bike! Now I wonder why the power outlet is on a circuit like that?! Oh well I will just wait for it to go away now! Thanks again, Tony.
Glad you got a handle on it without going to the dealer. :s That fuse blown is why you got the light because of the idle controller not responding.