electrical noise


Let's start off with my 1st post being a dosey of a problem. :D
I'm needing some help. So I'm going to the well of expert riders.The other day my 02 UC wouldn't start, no click no nothing. I checked the battery and it was dead. With the battery removed, I used a VOM to test for a wiring short and between pos battery cable and frame ground (or the neg cable) there was a direct short (continuity) between the two. I traced that down to the air horn circuit and unplugged the horn relay. Now when I test there isn't direct continuity anymore, but there is like 54meg ohms and if I hold the VOM leads on the battery cables the ohms steadily decrease. I then put the charged up battery back in the bike and when I turn the switch to ignition and not starting the bike I hear a terrible static/buzzing/hum type noise coming from the speakers. This is with the radio on or off. The bike starts fine and runs fine, but still has this horrible noise. I found nothing in my service manual or on other forums. Any ideas???? Please help, it's 60 degrees today and the weekend is suppose to be nice fro riding.

Your meg ohms probably will drop,..as you can read thru light bulb filaments etc,...that may grnd to chassis at different points on the frame.

Will bike start now? Is battery still draining?

If static is the only problem ,....you might want to put an EMI filter on the radio ckt.

You can get them here:
www motorcyclespeakers net

If still have problem,..open up handlebar switch housings,...and look around,....I've seen wiring come off in there,...and ground to handlebars,...hard to find.


Thx for the reply Crawdaddy!!!

Yes the bike still starts fine, no problem there and the battery seems to hold a charge so far. I would understand the filter if the noise was engine induced. But let me be clear, the noise is present when the ignition is turned on (doesn't matter if kill switch is on or off) and the engine is NOT running. If I press the start button the bike starts up ok and runs ok, but the noise is still heard. I'll look into the switch housing tonight. Thanks for the idea.