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Electrical Maintenance 101


As we all know things Happen, So while you sit and wonder about the next riding season, here is some quality time you can spend this winter with your loved one (sled) to minimize some electrical problems in the future.
Remove your seat. Disconnect your battery terminals, as you look around the battery section you will probably find a series of modular plugs, fuses box, depending on your model. Disconnect them one at a time; inspect each end of the modular plug, relays, and fuses for corrosion. Clean the connectors with electrical grade contact cleaner and apply new Die-Electric grease. Available at your local auto parts. After performing this task on the battery section, I moved to the brake light, 6 more connectors; signal light bulbs received new electrical contact grease as well. I then removed the dash nut and cleaned the 3 modular connector under there and applied new grease as well. The most major connectors that require cleaning and re-greased were the 2 connectors behind the voltage regulator under the front of the bike which collects an abundance of road grim, water, bugs, and some old oil from oil changes will soak into these connectors after time. After all was reassembled, I reconnected the battery, and checked operation of all lights. I then started the bike and checked out all electrical operation including battery voltage before approx. 12.5 VDC and after starting the engine to verify charging system 14.0 VDC
Summary, My Sled has 5 years on her now with countless trips, rain, wash jobs, etc. My inspection of the electrical components found me with 4 modular plugs with early signs of corrosion, 1 on the ignition switch, 1 on the stator connector, 1 in the brake light, 1 relay under the seat section, a loose front signal light and bugs where you wonder how they ever got there. This whole operation takes about 4-6 hours which is a lot shorter time you’ll spend on a possible electrical problem on the side of the road.
Preventative Maintenance goes a long way.

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I might add that before you disconnect the battery, if you have a security system to turn on the ignition and then remove the maxi fuse or you will activate the security system when you remove the battery terminals. You may have to reconfigure the alarm after disconnecting the cables.
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Tatanka that is avery good recomendation. Although, my Fat Boy is a just a little over a year old with 4500 mile so I wouldn't expect to have a promblem. But I will removeing the seat soon to change E.C.U. for Pipe change so I'will have take the oppurtunity to inspect all connections. ane I know several guys with older bikes so I will pass yur post along to them.

Thanks for taking the time to post this for all your fellow bike riders.