Electra Glide - ride and handling comparison

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by cowpoke, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. cowpoke

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    Wondering if any here have had a 1997-1998 Electra glide and could compare the ride/handling to the newer 2008-2009 (new frames) ?

    To date I've heard nothing but good about the new frames, but most are comparing them to newer versions like the 2005 or 2006's.

    So I'm wondering how they compare to even older yrs, like the Evo's last yr being 1998.

    I would assume that there is a big difference but maybe not ?
    Or just how much of a difference is there and are there any trade offs.

    How about it, anyone out there driven both of these vintages ?
  2. dbmg

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    The new frames actually came in at the 2009 model year. I own a 2008 EG and have been told that the 500 points of improvements with the 2009 and up are unbelievable. I can tell you that the way my 2008 handles which is great by the way, I would bet the update makes it all the sweeter.
    The one thing I like about the 2008 though, is that the tires and and exhaust along with the rear marker lights are much more vintage Harley like compared to the new ones with the wider rear tire.
  3. tyre

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    Well I went from 93 flh to 2010 flh I find it wider sitting on bike.which I soon did not notice at all. Wider Tyre out back feels more planted in turns, its also 1 in longer I do not notice it. I'm not a aggressive rider so I feel the 09 & up have a lot more to give.