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    Hello all Harley fans new to the HD talking forum just thought I would chime in on my experience with the gen 3 ejk By Dobeck performance, installed mine on a 2007 ultra classic 96" in its own right has problems from the factory being one of the first 96" motors. Bought the bike used had no clue what had been done to it , had no o2 sensors on it and ran lousy , friend of mine told me of this tuner and thought I would give a try, soon as I started the bike could tell a difference after riding a short trip and doing a very small adjustment had the bike purring like a kitten , now I"am going to upgrade to a 103 and cams also upgrading to a gen 4 system Will let you know how that works out real soon . Bottom line is I recommend these units to any and everyone for something simple and easy to understand That doesent take a Rocket scientist to manage it and just plain works! Just My Two Cents,:D Thanks
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    Thanks for the post. Always good to here success stories. :D

    Are you doing the build yourself? What cams?

    Keep us updated on the build.
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    doing the build my self , I do my own porting and all my own wrenching Andrews 48h cams true dual exhaust. trying different slipons , and of course dobeck gen4 have together real soon will check back then ,see ya :)
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    I have the gen3 by Dobeck on my 07 ultra. I never can get an idea fuel milage. What is the setting on your gen 3???
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    Adjusting the Green fuel zone will have the largest affect on fuel economy.
    This is the zone you will be in most of the time while at idle, low rpm and light load cruising.

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    Though I elected to go another route (even easier install) the Gen 3 was my initial fueler of choice. Talked to them on the phone a couple of times they were very helpful. Glad to see they are back with us on the forum and things are settling down. Best of luck to ya Dobeck.