EGC 2008 vs 2009 - frame component *similarities*

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    We all know that the 2009 touring frame has been upgraded from the previous touring frame. But, I have discovered something interesting: the 2008 EGC seems to have a LOT of commonality to the 2009 -- more than one would guess.

    My 2008 EGC came with the security system, but I decided to add the siren/alarm module. When I purchased the "2002 and up" kit, the installation instructions indicated that the siren/pager module was to be installed on the *right* side of the bike. After taking off the cover, I discovered that there were NO electrical components on the right.

    So, I opened my handy-dandy 2008 service manual (I ALWAYS buy the service manual for EVERY bike I buy), and noted that the siren module mounts on the *left* side of the bike. The installation went perfectly... but I was curious about the new fuse block.

    I went to the dealership and opened up a 2009 service manual... and the fuse block mounting on the 2009 is IDENTICAL to the mounting on the 2008.

    Curiosity got to me, so I spent some time... and discovered that there are a LOT of similarities between the components on the 2008 touring frame and similar components on the 2009 touring frame.

    My guess is that the 2008 touring frame is more of a "transition year" frame than a "last year" frame, since there are a considerable number of 2009-style components mounted on it.

    So, why am I posting this? If you own a 2008 touring bike and want to do more than just a Stage 1, you might find that the installation instructions for many of the "2002 and up" Touring parts might NOT install the way you think. Be prepared to be inventive... and DEFINITELY get the 2008 service manual.
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    fuse box is moved for abs even if you dont have it .. under the right cover is the ABS pump if you do as on my RKC
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    I don't have ABS, but the 2008 manual says it would be under the right cover - and there sure is enough space for it.