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EFI to carborator


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I'm thinking of changing my EFI on my roadking over to carborator has anyone done this? Are the heads going to work or would I have to change them? I'm hoping all I need to do is pull the computer and replace the carborater and the pitcock in the tank. Any info on this would be highly appreciated.
Looks like it is a bit of work there thanks for the link I will have to decide it I want to invest or live with what I got but I sure hate the efi.
Won't start below 50 degrees and can't tune the damn thing without spending big bucks, I'm old school and love the ease of a carbarator for tuning. I know I know EFI is so simple "I've been told" but I grew up tuning carbs and can do it by ear in no time with just a screwdriver also if I add Mods all it takes is a tweek here and there or the very most new jets and away you go. Just the way I am and after owning this beast with EFI I would rather have the good old carb (just me).
Depending on the cost of my trans issues I'm going to get this mod done ASAP. I'm locating parts and going to start colleting them hopefully done for the upcoming winter. I want a choke so bad (enrichner) I can taste the gas!!:smell