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EFI race fueler help please


i have a 2007 nightrain and bought a screaming eagle EFI race fueler (32136-06a) on e-bay. i was under the impression that i could use this item for my stage one instead of buying the more expensive EFI race tuner kit (32107-01h). has anybody used the race fueler i bought and done the stage one tune. did it work or have i made a mistake and bought the wrong bit. i have the screaming eagle stage one air filter already and will be buying vance and hines pipes.
The race fueler will work much the same as the TFI/DFO or the V&H fuelpac will. It has the two extra crossover pots to adjust when you go from low to mid and mid to high speed fuel instead of the units with just one crossover pot from mid to high fuel.

Here's the write up for the fueler that you have.
PN 32136-06a
Tune the fuel flow on your EFI bike. The tuner can elec-tronically add fuel in much the same manner as increasing jet size on a carbureted system. It allows for quick tuning for the addition of less restrictive, free flowing intake and exhaust systems. The Fueler offers "bands" of adjustment that take into account operating ranges, such as idle, acceleration, and steady speed. The Fueler is a self-contained unit that requires no computer interface. Adjustments are made by setting fuel, RPM and accelerator pump potentiometers, with changes monitored on LED indicators. Race Fueler can be adjusted to add additional fuel for '96-'04 models, and add or subtract fuel on '05-later models. The compact unit is designed for "plug-in" installation and remains on the bike for convenient tuning. Tuner affects fuel delivery only and cannot change rev limit or spark timing. For race application only. Fits '06-'07 fuel-injected Dyna,Softail and Touring models.

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thanks. that puts my mind at rest and can start on the next stage of buying pipes and fitting before spring.
I just bought same unit on e-bay. I got mine for 100.00 dollars. Please post how this unit works out.Looks like the V/H fuel pak, But with Screamin Eagle on it.

i work away from home a fair amount of time but if i get to fit it before you do i will keep you informed on its progress. i need to get round the problem of the engine managment light coming on due to air filter and pipes being changed. if you use v and h fuel pack there are two plugs to just plug in to fool the engine managment light. but thats too easy and im poor so i have to do everything the cheaper way because i spent all my money on buying the bike. i actually now live in a shell under some leaves.
The 06A efi race fueler works great. I have 06 Deuce. SE II slipons and Ness Cleaner kit. As with doing a Jet kit on Carbs, ride for a hundred or so miles, check plugs, they should be just off white/ Light Brown color. Dark sooty color too rich.
thanks for all that information i cant wait to get started and will keep you posted on my results. i just need an exhaust system (probably vance and hines) and the time to get started. thanks again you star!!! Hooter
i have used TWIN MANIA for active valve bypass plug and they do one for both pipes and air filter. thanks for all the help. much happiness in my shoebox garage of wonder. thanks