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    I have a 2005 Deuce, 9000 miles, screaming eagle exhuast, air cleaner, and HD DOWNLOAD kit, installed when new, that just started spuddering now and then, there is also a vacum leak sound from gas tank. Sometimes the bike will run perfect with the sound. It runs the worst popping from trottle body, at slow cruising speeds, 15 mph. I have tried injector cleaners, and horsepower additives. The horsepower additive works the best, why? Can somebody help a biker out?
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    It sounds like the dreaded fuel hose chafing inside the tank. Do you hear a wooshing sound when the ignition is turned on after the fuel pump cycles with the engine not running and does it recycle the pump again if you don't start it right away?



    Check out the self help section, it's all in there.
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