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    Well it looks like it's time to get into the tank. I noticed a small oil leak from the front rocker so I decided to fix it. When I pulled the tank to finish draining it some flakes of the factory tank sealer came draining out too. I have a new can of Red-Kote to use in it but I wondering something. I've read other posts about the convoluted tube and something about a kit that's available from the dealer.

    I don't have any issues with the bike when it's low on fuel so I'm thinking the lines are okay. But me being me I'd like to replace them and the filter when I have the pump out of the tank.

    Does anyone have the part number or advice on what I'm about to get into? I've read a few threads in the self-help area but I was wondering if anyone here might have done it and kept the paperwork, if any, that came with the kit.
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    On my bike ('03 UC), here are the p/ns:

    62228-03 Check valve assy (with o-ring and flex tubing)
    62357-00 Hose - pump to filter
    10222 Clamp (2)
    61001-01 Fuel filter kit
    27408-01 Fuel pressure regulator
    61402-02 Sending unit gasket
    1311 D Sealing screws (10)

    I got tired replacing the plastic tubing (after 3rd time), and used the heavy reinforced fuel injector hose from the car parts store. That was several years ago.