efi evo pinging badly

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    96 ultra fi,replaced stock pistons with keith black hi comp ones.retarded 4 degrees as per kb specs.but pings really bad starting off. I always run 94 octane.so no fuel problem.question is,should I try retarding a little more,or do I need a fuel management system.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member


    You can Try 2-3 more degrees retard without harming anything.

    That PING will be the KILLER...

    How are you Retarding the EVO motor?

    Also fuel should have an affect on the Ping... ESP 94 octane... BUT ? on an EVO FI tuner?...

    Been a long time since I had my hands on an EVO... I did a build up my Bought new 97 FXDS... I just can't for the life of me Remember how the timing was done. Mine was a Carb...

    I think your ping can be elevated with Retard.

    What Cranking pressure is it running? Do a compression test and post back, then we can see what you are up against.

    Fuel management system ? on which one to use.

    I use a SE off road Tuner for fuel and timing on my newer TC 103" but that is a different dog to put into your fight.

    There are several EVO owners on this site and they will refresh My Memory also... :rofl

    Maybe my Brother from another Mother will come by... Breeze3at, he still has the EVO beast...:D

    I'll send him a PM... and a Link...

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    I'm no help here. 1995 was the first year of the Magnetti Morelli fuel injection for Harley. At that time I swore I would never own a F.I. bike, so I paid zero attention to the MM FI. There are sensors for timing that (I think) are based on CPI (cam position sensor), along with other timing alterating sensors.
    I will keep following this thread, hoping a brain cell or two will kick in, and I can help.

    P.S. I DO now own a F.I. bike, because they quit putting carbs. on them. :p
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    I can't speak on the EVO but am running high compression pistons and had a bad pinging issue as well along with spark knock when I would start from a stop. I took BUBBIES advise and installed the SE pro race tuner along with retarding the timing. Spark knock and pinging are now just a memory.

    The tuner was the only way I could change the timing with mine but I'm not sure on yours. Good luck.
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    # 10 is the cam sensor and timing pick up sensor you can retard your timing here, go in small increments and by seat of the pants hard runs in 3rd gear you will find a sweet spot