Educating myself on a Harley purchase. Any advice?

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  1. SCGamecock

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    Hi all,

    I am looking at buying a Road King but have some questions.

    -Should I buy new or used?
    -Buy from a dealer or look for an individual?
    -I looked at a 2012 Road King in Myrtle Beach this past weekend. Were there any significant changes in the 2012 model year compared to the last few years that would make a difference in new vs. used?
    -Any recomendations on a dealer in the NC\SC area?
    -If I buy new how much negotiation if any will I be able to do?
    -Any other advice or recomendations?

    Thanks all!
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Welcome to The Forum. The best advice I could give is test ride a couple models at your dealer then negotiate, you may be surprised at what deals are out there on new models yet, may be able to negotiate a ESP plan as well, If your budget allows NEW is the way to go JMO
  3. gusotto

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    All new parts on a 2012, where if you bought used, you might have to replace a few things.
    Tires aren't cheap!
    New and you get 2 yr. warranty with unlimited milage.

    With the 2013 models coming out in the near future, the dealers are going to be ready to deal.
  4. YnotBiker

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    If you can afford it, I would recommend buying from the dealer with all the warrantees involved, but if you consider buying from an individual, you should pay for an independent or HD mechanic evaluate the motorcycle. Use Motorcycle Price & Motorcycle Values | Used Motorcycles Value, ATV, Sidecars, Snowmobiles, Utility Vehicle Reviews | NADA Motorcycle Value Guides | NADAguides Book Values
    to find the market price but local factors will vary.
    The 2011 RK had a 96 cu engine and the 2012 has a 103 cu engine (or 1584cc vs 1687cc).
    Go to the search in the upper left side and type "stealers" or "dealer" and check your area.
    You can negotiate over optional features a previous owner may have added. If you are getting a loan, some dealers have responded to competitive bank offers.
    Good Luck!

  5. Bodeen

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    Welcome to the forum!

    How are your mechanical skills? That is the question. If you have a good mechanical aptitude and are willing to do some work (maybe), My suggestion is to buy used and not form a dealer. Lots of good bikes out there at really good prices. The dealers prices are waaaay to high on used bikes IMO and I don't agree that the bike will be any better than the one you buy from a private individual on Craigslist. Cash is king when negotiating with a private individual. Be sure you show them the stack of hundreds before negotiating and good luck:D

  6. SCGamecock

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    Thanks guys. I am a pretty decent mechanic and I do know my way around sport bikes. Upgrades like intakes, pipes or accessories would be something that I do myself. i have never been inside a motorcycle engine though so I would probably take that to a qualified mechanic for any internal issues.

    How would i go about purchasing a used bike. I definately don't have the cash in hand to purchase outright. Anything I get will have to be financed. How do I approach an individual with this? I am pretty sure the bank will not just hand me a stack of cash without seeing the bike???

  7. DakotaRob

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    I bought my 07 Electra Glide used from a private seller. He did all his own servicing. The bike looked flawless, and he let me take it to a shop for an inspection. It checked out OK. I did my financing through my credit union, they told me what I needed to do as far as paperwork, and handed me a cashier's check made out to the seller. It was very easy.

    My current bike I bought used from a dealer, only because I couldn't find this specific bike for sale any other place. They negotiated a little on their price, but I probably still paid too much. It probably helped that I bought it on a day in January when it was 20 degrees with 5 inches of snow outside... they were not real busy. :p
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  9. softail41

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    It has been my experience that buying used allows you to get a better deal (more bang or bike for your bucks), if you do your homework and negotiate well. As for financing, you need to talk to your banks loan officer. Tell him/her what you are wanting to do and they should be more than willing to answer all your questions. Be advised that they may require as much as 20% down payment depending on the age of the bike in question. This is where things get interesting...I have been in situations where the bank required said 20% down on a 10 year old bike that was going to cost me $9000. However, I could get a new bike from a dealer for $18,000 with 0% down and only 2% more in interest than the used deal. Like many here are saying, unless you find a sweet deal, a new bike is really the way to go (IMHO).

    As far as engine sizes go...the older bikes with the 88ci are just as favorable as the new 103ci. Don't let the numbers fool you. Recent EPA regulations required larger displacement engines to make up for lost power. There is a ton of information on this topic (and many more great things to learn) on this site. Remember, do your homework (spend some time on this site), take a few test rides, and when you have narrowed down your options, rent that model for a day or two and just ride. This will ensure you get what YOU want! Good luck!
  10. PA 58

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    even if you have to rent different models for a day, do it ! that way you can find for sure what one is right for you. and as far as not being in side yet ,its easy just do it , that is how you learn. with all the gear heads here on the forum ,