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    I just read an article that Edmonton has passed a noise ordanence requiring motorcycles to not exceed 92dB idle and 96dB reving to 2000RPM and 5000RPM. The article said on a test July 1 out of 100 motorcycles tested 15% failed. This is measured 20" from the end of the exhaust and at a 45* angle. Anyone in Alberta aware of this ruling? Wonder how many Harley owners will rev their motors to 5000RPM? Also read that NYC will start tickiting bikes that don't have EPA approved exhaust. The article said that it did not matter if the bike was running or not.
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    We heard about the new rules in Edmonton and were worried about the H.O.G. rally. The local chapter approached the cops about this but were told because the rally was a tourist event they were going to leave it alone.
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    When we were in Sturgis 92 my buddy got a ticket for too loud a stock Heratiage cost him 25.00 downtown Spearfidh across the street from The B B bar
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    ...gotta make that money...
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    I know this is a really old post but I thought I'd mention that the fine for violation of this bylaw is $250.00. I've heard some people say that most cops only test it at idle but you wouldn't want to find out the hard way. I was looking at some new exhaust from Vance&Hines and inquired to them about the noise level. It was a few dB outside the range so I decided not to risk it.