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Anyone out there with a 2007 - up 1200, or 883, run Cycle Shack slip on mufflers (MXL -130: 2 1/2" dia. not the 3" one); there must be some of you out there. What A/C are you using and did you just get a re flash, or some piggy back system add on? What worked? I'm considering "just a re flash" because I'm stopping mods at the A/C, and anyway I just found out (I have a 1200L) that I can't use a PC III because of fender clearance. Besides that Bill Gates is not my uncle. . Just have the slip ons right now (no ECM change yet) for the past 600 miles and the plugs look the same as before I took off the stock mufflers. Everybody said it would be just loud, but it sure runs better (maybe the newer ECM auto tuned for the mufflers; heard the newer models do that). No dec el pops, nothing, but huge improvement from stock mufflers. Come on you guys Cylce Shack makes more than one muffler so I can't be the only one who bought them.