ECM Trouble Codes: P2138 and P1510

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Sharky1948, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Sharky1948

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    Bike: '09 FLHR
    Two trouble codes:
    - P2138 - Twist Grip Sensor Correlation Error
    - P1510 - EFI Limited Performance Mode

    On the TGS, I have put on new grips and recently there seems to be a very slight (and I mean very slight) stickiness from time to time. I was assuming I just needed to take it off and put some graphite lubricant in, but maybe it's the sensor going bad.

    On the EFI, I've got a Power Commander on board, but it's been there for almost 20000 miles with no issues.

    Any thoughts on how to further diagnose the problems?
  2. TQuentin1

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    Unfortunately, I think you will have to get yourself the HD Factory Electrical Diagnostic Manual covering your model and year. Frankly, I feel that anyone that is going to maintain one of these bikes needs the Factory Service Manual, Parts Manual and the Electrical Diagnostic Manual. With these, there is very little that most of us can NOT do on our bikes.

    My EDM is for the '03 Touring Models, so I am afraid I can help you much. Neither of these codes applies to my bike.

  3. Lancer

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    If you just put new grips on you may have put the grip housing to far up the handle bar. I did the same thing. I had to loosen the grip (housing) and slide it out just a little. It is an attention getter when you let go of the throttle and it does not close. Also I would pull the connector on the back of the throttle body behind the air cleaner and shoot it with contact cleaner and then maybe a little WD40 should cure the P2138 issue.
  4. Sharky1948

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    Good advice... The grip was binding ever so slightly; barely noticeable. I corrected that and all is well.