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ECM Running Change


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July 5, 2005

ECM Running Change

In the interest of continuous improvement the current ECM (p/n 32534-05) will supersede to a new version (p/n 32534-05A). The new ECM has internal changes to support the 2006 model year product and will retrofit. However, your current inventory of ECMs will not work on 2006 models.
This change was timed to coincide with 2006 model year launch, but has launched early.
The last 300 V-Rod models built this model year have the 32534-05A version ECM. As soon as the current inventory of 32534-05 ECMs is depleted the “A†version will start shipping as the service replacement ECM.

Service Implications:
1. The current released version of Digital Tech software (15.08) will read data stream information and assist in diagnostics of vehicles equipped with the 32534-05A ECM, BUT Reflash and Password Learn functions are currently unavailable for any calibration. The OE and street legal performance calibrations for this ECM will be supported with version
16.04 Digital Technician software, which is due to release at the time of Summer Dealer Show (July 23, 2005).
2. For racing applications: P&A calibrations on cartridges, EFI Race Tuner Kits, and EFI Race Fuelers will not be available until after the Summer Dealer Show. None of your current inventory can be used on this ECM. Use your existing cartridge and EFI Race
Tuner inventory on those models and ECMs specified in “Calibrations Information†listings on
3. The new P&A cartridges will only work with the 32534-05A ECM so the current cartridge part numbers will remain active. As the new part numbers become available they will be posted to the calibration matrixes on the Service page of
4. 2005 and earlier vehicles that have a suspected ECM failure and need to be replaced may require some additional resourcefulness.
• Verify the failure by temporarily installing a known good ECM.
• Attempt a dealer locator search on h-dnet for an appropriate ECM, many of the early parts are out there in dealer inventory and are perfectly fine to use.
32784-01 ECMs for ’02 to ’04 V-Rod models
32772-01 ECMs for ’01 to ’04 Twin Cam models
32534-05 ECMs for All fuel injected ’01 to ’05 models
• If you are unsuccessful in locating an ECM from another dealer, contact Technical Service for assistance.
5. In the interim, if you have a new vehicle with a 32534-05A ECM and your customer wishes to install street legal accessories that require a calibration reflash you will need to schedule that for a later service when you have the appropriate calibrations and parts in
• Those parts may still be registered on the SWR per the May 16, 2005 Dealer Communication on Promotion 113: Custom Coverage™ (see Sales Programs & Promotions on’s Sales page for more details)’
ECM (p/n 32534-05A)has been superseded to a new version (p/n 32534-11).
I called 3 different local dealerships before I found this out.