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    i am new to site but have not seen this question yet. i have a 2010 cvo softail already 5400 miles. i have read that new closed loop ecm will adjust itself to changes in exhaust . i have changed to d&d slip-on mufflers. bike does seem to run fine. will ecm adjust to low restriction pipes or do i need a race tuner or other fuel management device. thanks keep the rubber side down !!
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    Hi, you're half way to stage 1. Add an SE A/C and then you can do 1 of 2 things.
    1) Buy an add a tuner
    2) Buy the SE Super Tuner kit with cable, S/W and Training DVD and re flash the ECM with the appropriate file.
    Any additional upgrades are accommodated be a re flash. At this point any upgrades to the tuning files is done on line.
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    And the third option (and far more economical one) is to buy and install the Dobeck TFI fueler that will give you control over adding fuel to the beast to overcome the even leaner condition than OEM created by freeing her up to breath better. They will give you a discount for being a member here, and an even better one if you are an active Services Member or Vet.

    Check it:

    EFI - Electronic Fuel Injection Controllers - ATVs, UTVs, Motorcycles, Snowmobiles, Scooters, Sport Bikes, Watercraft

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    thanks for your ideas. cvo bikes come with an open AC but the mufflers had to be very restrictive and way too quiet. i hope h-d sets the ecm alittle richer with the open ac from the factory.i will checkout dobeck fueler.
  5. dobecks has a newer fuel management unit called an EJK "Electronic Jet Kit 3.0 and 3.5" the 3.5 will allow you to remove fuel heres some questions i sent dobeck performance. i had one and it was eaiser to adjust and water resistant:

    How does this unit account for tuning in every gear as mentioned on the website, or is this purely a attribute of the load based tuning?
    This is an attribute of the load based tuning. Besides RPM and injector duty cycle, rate change is a major factor used in the calculations of our primary zones (Green, Yellow, Red) which is useful to change transition points between different gears.

    How do the O2 sensors integrate with this unit? Is it similar to an auto tune function or just an additional trim to the settings you have established in the box?
    This depends on the application, but is not to be thought of as an auto tune function. Most of the applications dealing with O2 sensors is just a matter of interacting with the signal to actually allow fuel adjustment within the entire drive cycle.

    theres also some software coming out that will allow for more "fine" tuning of you machine:

    What additional features, if any, would I be able to get into with the power lab software?
    The parameter ranges for the feature modes are restricted on the actual unit to only offer end customers so much adjustment. The use of the Powerlab software opens up the possibility of even more adjustment and more fine tuning. The reason for the restriction has been to keep the controller as simple as possible. An example of this would be say we release an EJK unit which has a Green mode fuel range of 0% to 30%. There are 15 different settings so this makes each light setting a 2% change. With Powerlab, you could change this range to be say 10% to 25% which would now give you a 1% change for each light setting. You could also change the range to be say 25% to 40% to allow you the ability to add even more fuel if a particular mode was already getting maxed out. Resolution is lost with some applications to try and cover the wide range of different modifications a user might install. With Powerlab you could reprogram a unit to your specific application and increase the resolution of each adjustment.