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ECM and ICM issues


BOT Machine
October 13, 2003

ECM and ICM Issues
The 2004 efi models require different ECM calibrations. This means 2003 and
earlier stage cartridges will not work properly on 2004 motorcycles. 2004 cartridges
will retrofit back to earlier bikes (note: do not use the two -04 cartridges mentioned
below). Refer to P&A Bulletin 775 and Tech Tips Online for additional information.
Ignition modules for 2004 models are different and are neither interchangeable nor
retrofitable with any other years. Refer to P&A Bulletin 775 and Tech Tips On Line
for additional information.
1450 Stage 1, cartridge number 32959-04 and 1550 Stage 1 cartridge, part number
32983-04 will create trouble codes when downloaded on vehicles. Do not use them.
The same calibrations can be found on Digital Technician, version 10.16 and
higher. Refer to P&A Bulletin 778 for additional information on the -04A no charge
replacement cartridges coming soon.