Ebay experience (could've been bad )

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    During the L O N G winter months here in upstate NY, I found a SE Nightstick Muffler for my 2010 FLHX at a great price, less than a hundred bucks on Ebay.

    I bought it and when it arrived I looked it over, no scratches or dents it wasn't new but I was satisfied. I put it back in the box and stuck it away and began waiting for spring.

    After the snow finally left and I was able to get the bike out I began the transition from the stock exhaust to the new Nightstick. All went well until I tried to tighten the bolts on the rear. They had been overtightened and had stripped out the threads in the muffler. They wouldn't tighten up at all.

    I was able to drill out the bracket and Muffler holes then re-tap the muffler to accept 3/8ths bolts and lock washers.

    After some elbow grease and grunting all is well. The bike runs and sounds great.

    My lesson and maybe a lesson for anyone is to check everything you get from ebay and make sure it is ok before you send that feedback.

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    Good advice, always verify fit and condition, installing as soon as possible. If you buy from a reputable supplier, you should also feedback to them the condition of the product you received and rate them "less than perfect." though the part sounds like it WAS used, and they could very easily have been selling this 3rd party and did not "know" any better. Glad you were able to work it out.:newsmile071:
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    As with anything that you are buying "sight unseen" you have to be careful. I make it a rule to buy only from sellers with enough feedback that I can research and find out exactly how they are. Having a negative feedback in and of itself doesn't necessarily mean anything; it's more how the seller tried to deal with the problem. Lastly, ask questions and be patient. Some items are for sale all of the time. Others are scarce. I always try to use the logic "when in doubt, do without". Better to wait on an item, than to jump in and be sorry....All in all, Ebay is a valuable tool. I recently finished the restoration of a '67 Galaxie convertible. I couldn't have done it without Ebay....
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    be careful of really good deals on e-bay.
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    Being as i live in a remote area i have used ebay for a lot of purchases and overall i have been happy with the way everything turned out once or twice i have rushed in and bought the wrong item (my fault) for not reading the description fully and was a wee bit naive on one occasion buying a mobile phone that was less than half the normal price stated he was UK based but it shipped out of China and was not made by HTC
    so over the years i have leaned to be careful of who i buy from