Easy pull clutch. I am a girl! So take it easy!

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by sportygirl, Sep 13, 2009.

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    I have been doing some reading on easy pull clutch.I have just bought a 883 sporster. First bike of my own!
    Husband does not like the ideal of easy pull clutch. . Of course my husband has old Pan head. It has a mouse trap clutch. OMG! ITs impossible for me to pull! But the little old sporster I am having trouble with.

    My husband saids I am a sissy and get over it!

    I am trying to learn how to ride. And the clutch is a distraction that I dont need. I really (EDIT) right now!

    He saids that it will ruin my clutch.He does not believe that it will disengauge totally.

    Some feed back please. I want to be able to debate this subject. To catch as little HE.... As possible Thank you

    Please read and understand the info in this link...
    A Friendly Reminder - Harley Davidson Community
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  2. Fourdogs

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    I had to put one on a Roadking ..coz of am in heavy traffic at times..and my hands would hurt like ya could not believe..but since i had the easy pull installed..its a 100 percent better....worth every penny i have the 04 Roadking....
  3. Redfish-Joe

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    I put one on my 00 Road King and loved it. Old hands aren't what they once were. You do what you gotta do. Never had any problem with clutch because of it.
  4. sportygirl

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    How long have you had it? Do you think its hurts your clutch? I am catching he... because my husband believes this will hurt my clutch. That he thinks there would be constant tention on it.

    And if Harley would have for you to feel less of the clutch they would have this straight from factory.

    But I think I have to have this. It would make for easier drive. I have such a hard time pulling clutch. I cant think about everything I should be doing. Just keeping the bike up at slow speeds is enough right now! LOL!

    Thank You!
  5. Breeze3at

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    Well, If Harley would want you to keep things as they come from the factory, they wouldn't have the bazillion page accessory/upgrade catalogs would they? Geeeze,, panhead guys are so macho!
    There are two kinds of ez pull clutch mechanisims. One goes inside the primary case, and the other mounts right on the handlebar clutch perch, I think one mfg. of the handlebar kind is AMP.
    My buddy's wife is 5'1", less than 100 lbs., hands like a child. He put the AMP handlebar ez setup on, and it worked very well for her. Two years later she sold the bike, and it did not need a new clutch. Good luck:)
  6. sportygirl

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    Thats was funny and true!

    I needed to laugh


    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Sportygirl...no worries, EZ clutch working behind the primary on my Sporty, because I like the EZ pull...had a Kantana Sportbike with Heavy Duty clutch and really had to "MANHANDLE" it...! One develops quite a grip, but when I got the Sporty I put it on because I like things more relaxed...!

    No it is not his problem, like I cannot "feel" how hard it is for YOU to pull it in, even if my Internet connection is pretty good. :D

    It is not his bike, it's yours and certainly it should be setup AND fitted to your needs. If he was a professional road racer, he would expect nothing less for his ride...AND rely on someone else to make sure it was tuned and adjusted right using his input...NOT his "EXPERTISE"!
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    Tell your husband just because he doesn't know how to adjust a clutch, that's no reason to call you a sissy! :lolrolling

    I put them in all my bikes and they work just fine and are a big help. Tell Mr Macho to read up on the unit and give you a break and install one if he can figure it out. :lolrolling

    E Z Pull Clutch (big twins) - Harley Davidson Community
  9. PigSnot

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    The MOCO is a production factory and rolls out stock bikes for what is deemed an average (virtual??) rider. The catalog and third parties, offer three streams of accessory/upgrade; cosmetic, functional, and safety. This falls under functional and safety, to have the bike setup for you. Riding in congested traffic, working the gears, learning a new skill set, fatigue; It is a safety issue and that’s what I’m reading in these posts. Given this feedback and no mechanical issues, it’s hoped an outlook of understanding and support is adopted by your loved one. Be safe.

    Re. "My husband saids I am a sissy ..."
    I’ve never seen a sissy on a Sporster.
  10. craig Lee

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    Re. "My husband saids I am a sissy and get over it!"

    He must be a real piece of work! He should be supportive of everything you need to do to make it the best performance possible for you. (the bike as you know is an extension of your body)

    We put the Mueller EZ pull in Mz Bling's 1200 Custom Sporty and also had her clutch lever heated and bent in a little to fit her hand. Several woman and men (definately not sissies) here in Southern Cal have followed suit.

    Tell your husband to get over it.