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E Z Pull Clutch for Sportsters


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There are a couple of units that will work in the late model sportster transmission to lighten up the clutch pull on the handle.

This is available through a dealer on a special order or see below.

Here's their web site.
MRC Clutch Effort Reduction Kit

Here is the model and part numbers:

MRC Clutch
HD-0002 (For Sportsters 94 and up)
HD-0001 (87 and up Big Twins)

MRC's claim is that this part reduces clutch effort by 50%. Chris can attest that the lever is much easier to pull.

MRC Clutch Assist, Phaedrus Cycle, 1992 Antelope Hill Ct., Henderson, NV 89012 Tel. 702-269-7322

There is also this one which is similar to the white brothers unit used in the big twins.

Easy Pull Clutch
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I found some clutch assist on other site. Do you have any information about them? One of thet is on the BKRider's site, one is on the Avalon Prducts's and one is the MRC's
Avalon Home

The AMP product uses springs and eccentric geared wheels up on the bars that in fact are a bit harder than stock in the first half of the movement because you have to overcome the spring tension until it gets over the highest point. Not a good choice.

MRC Clutch Effort Reduction Kit

This is the MRC you were referring to from a different site and looks like the HD easy ramp unit. I would go with this unit over the other one. It's a reduced ramp angle and would lighten the clutch pull.
Thank you for your prompt answer.
Do you know anything about the BKRider's one? I could find it on ebay and it seems simply.
Could it work well?
I asked the seller and it fits to my bike.
Did anyone use this kind of kit?
The BKRider's unit is basically a white brothers and they work well too. I couldn't find that on the link you furnished above. I have used them and they work really well in reducing clutch pull. Also that is an excellent price too. They usually run about $20