E i p shows on odometet when i turn on ignition

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    I parked my 04 roadking flhtcui in july and getting ready for spring riding. Turned on ignition nothing ok so dead battery put in new battery e i p shows up when i turn on ignition nothing check codes b1121 which is left turn output fault/ left turn open and code u1255 which is serial data error missing message instrument tsm/tssm then part number 68923-00c scrolls across ok so i read some more and it may be the key fobs batteries replace them nothing try to reset the security code by turning ignition on three times holding both signal light and it won't go to 000000 to let me reset it ok i am stumped now what is it the tssm or what lol??? Please help and thanks in advance.
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    I checked for Eip code but couldn't find any info on that. Maybe someone else knows. As far as your ? about "now what is it the tssm or what lol???" that stands for Turn Signal Security Module. If you didn't have a Security System then it would be TSM ( Turn Signal Module). I don't think you are inputting the sequence correctly to retrieve your security code. Try this attachment if it will upload. I couldn't get the ones from the Self Help section to come up. I wouldn't think you need to change your code.

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