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E Bay Fraud


BOT Machine
If you are a member on Ebay, go to the Ebay site and look around in the fraud section. There's a great section on how to tell if the link you get is really from Ebay to begin with. Quite often the scammers page looks exactly like the actual ebay page and they are hard to tell apart if you don't know how.

Many have been getting these fake emails from what seems to be Ebay asking to update their account information or risk having your account shut down. They are fake emails designed to mirror the Ebay home page with the official looking Ebay logo also which unknowingly redirect your information input to another site completely and they use your info and account to rip unsuspecting buyers off of their purchase money and/or deposits .You are then left dealing with these unhappy people as a result of this scam. The 5 minutes it will take you to read and understand it will be worth the $$$ you and others save getting ripped off.

Here's a couple to get you started here,
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How do I know that an email is really from eBay?

Spoof Email Tutorial - Page 2