Dynojet has made changes to the Power Commander V

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    I now have a 2018 Harley Davidson (tour) FLHTKL. I am looking in to changing or is it an upgrade to my system now.I have on it the Commander V along with the Auto Tune with the 188mm exhaust O2 sensors. My Bike has upgrades as listed.

    (1) Power Commander V with Auto Tune.
    (2) Arlen Ness Super Sucker air filter system.
    (3) Stock header pipe that have been cleaned out of the cat system driller out to 18mm for the installing of the exhaust O2 sensors that ,I got from Dynojet.
    (4) Tab performance slip-on with zombies baffles.
    (5) Screaming Eagle Power Camshaft SE8-462 part # 9250075

    Can I just buy the Dynojet Power Vision and pull the Power Commander V out ? The connect my auto Tune to it . Also I have been told bye Dynojet that now on my model and year they now have upgraded their system to also now read PCV-PTI with the Bosch mass air sensor . Will the new power Vision also have this feature ? I understand there is no more need for a computer . My last problem was the fuel economy fell off like 50 mpg per tank full. Then it started having problem’s idling then when I would come to a stop it would die. When I emailed Dynojet they told me to change my map. This made this worst as because all the new maps DO NOT FILL in the idling scale because the new Map Sensor. So it took a week of calling and a list of emails longer than your arm to find out the problem. Now it’s running right again .I don’t want this to happen on a trip because the on board file get corrupted and I am stuck some where. Also now I am being told bye some Tuners to turn off the Auto Tuner while in my area. My question what if I go above sea level like in to the mountains.

    So my question to y’all will this be an upgrade ? Can I just buy the Power Vision and what will that cost be ? Your Mapping service is available for a map that will fit my bike and the upgrades it has now / Does the NEW Power Vision now monitor the map air PCV-PTI via the Bosch sensor ? Will you be able or Dynajet go on like and link up right in to my system and help the Auto Tuner get started. Because now if you down load a map from Dynojet with a older Power Commander V the Auto Tuner WILL NOT WORK . So I didn’t find out about this until much later after buying my system because I first just had the Power Commander V. Then I built the bike up after money came in. Then I had to have a Auto Tuner .So now I am wasting money to still upgrade my onboard tuner and Not on head work and then maybe a big bore kit . So I am asking for your service and what can you do to help me out .