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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by 01 rk, Jan 4, 2012.

  1. 01 rk

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    Based on the five questions that are in the self help section to ask the tuner, approximatly what should the cost of a dyno tune be?
    Just looking for a ball park number so I know what to expect.
    Also if there any forum members in the Philly area that have had a positive experience at a respectable price please let me know.
  2. Hoople

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    In all fairness it should cost about $150 an hour to cover the shops investment in equipment, dyno tech time and overhead. A true Dyno tune (not dyno run) can be very labor intensive and I would be suspicious of anyone giving you a flat fixed fee.
  3. 01 rk

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    So if it takes 4-5 hours on the dyno I'm looking at $600 to $750.
    Seems really steep.
  4. dbmg

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    At the Harley dealer I worked at we always quoted a min of 4 hours at $75.00 per hour. So the advice is, be 100% sure dynoing is going to be needed to achieve what it is your are looking for. And be sure to find a highly qualified tuner so that tune is 100% accurate and no damage is done to your bike...
  5. 01 rk

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    What I'm looking for is better milage.
    Stock I got 40-45 mpg, with a power commander PCIII, SE AC and SE touring slipons I get 30-35. The bike runs good, no mechanical problems.
    The PC came preprogramed, I just pluged it in,
    When you say damage, what are you refering to ?
  6. Jack Klarich

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    Damage as in any problem your motor would have after the dyno runs would be on you not the Dealer. In order to get a good read they have to run the bike at high RPMS in high gear, not to scare you but I did see one blow up in Daytona on a dyno
  7. HDDon

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    I don't know what mods you have on the bike, but why not call or email the powercommander people and see if they can or will help you tweak your unit. Dyno tuning a bike is labor intensive and 4 or 5 hours is the norm. They will make a baseline run and than start adjusting with runs after the adjustments. Your Harley dealer may have worked with the powercommander and have some ideas as to what can be done with the settings to help your milage.
  8. dbmg

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    From experience with the mods you have done which by the way are pretty much standard issue. I have seen that with the addition of approx 10 new found horsepower the activation and usage of right wrist has succeeded in lowered MPG by what you have lost. My 1st idea would be to ride a bit more conservatively and keep the many hundreds of dollars that would be spent on dyno which probably is not going to change much and use that money for the gas tank and just keep on riding and enjoying your awesome steed....:s
    I agree that contacting PCIII manufacture and discuss changing map would be time better spent....
  9. 89 FXRS

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    I had one of my bikes dyno tuned and found out the hard way how hard it is on the bike - after the dyno I needed a new clutch and the cam seal started leaking - I doubt these were coincidences - I also was there while they did another bike, and redlining several gears with no load on them didn't seem to me like a good idea - and one other thing - be sure to find out how good the guy doing the dyno tuning is, anyone can buy a dyno, it takes alot of expirence to do it right . The price they currently charge is $550.00 -$600.00.
  10. gusotto

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    Did the PC come preprogrammed and you just put it on the bike without checking the settings?
    I have mine programmed with the settings for SE mufflers and SE A/C.
    When it's plugged into the computer, it reads the type of exhaust and muffler it is programmed for.

    Originally I had it programmed for stock muffler and A/C.
    Later I changed it when I added the SE mufflers and SE A/C.

    Never really noticed much difference with the MPG, either way.

    I get anywhere from 36-43 MPG. It all depends on the day and conditions.