Dyna wide glide 2004

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  1. mikedensman4

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    Just bought a 2004 wide glide a couple months back and I am just curious as to what everyone says the tire pressure needs to be?:D
  2. dbmg

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    36 P.S.I. front
    40 P.S.I. rear
  3. kevinp

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    I agree. I run mine 36psi front and 40 psi on back.
  4. Bodeen

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    What it says on the sidewall of the tyre. :s
  5. dbmg

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    Always keep the motorcycle manufacturer's recommended air pressure in both tires. This is an important requirement for tire safety and mileage. Your motorcycle owner’s manual will tell you the recommended cold inflation pressure. On some motorcycles, the recommended front and rear tire pressures will be different. The pressures stamped on the sidewall of the tire are only for maximum loads. On some occasions, these pressures will also be the manufacturers recommended settings as well.
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    Harley Davidson recommended tyre pressures are for stock tyres often tyre manufacturers will have a different psi recommendation for their tyres on your bike so it is best to check the tyre manufacturer web site for the best pressure as a good guide
    Stock tyres are cross ply (bias) construction and has a very firm and straight sidewall as part of that construction type
    Some aftermarket tyres are radial these have a softer and slightly bulging sidewall and require a higher pressure than cross ply to perform correctly often between 5 and 10 psi greater than stock
    Tyre pressures should be checked when the tyre is cold tyre sidewall flex will generate heat and increase the pressure in the tyre
    To test for good pressure check tyre pressure before riding and again after the tyre has heated up and ideal increase of pressure is around 4 psi if more than 4 psi cold pressure was too low if less than 4 psi then cold pressure was too high
    I hope this helps a wee bit

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  8. 03HD883R

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    Giving your tire max air pressure with give you a harsher ride, but also seriously reduces the life of the tire. Especially the rear tire. The best is to go by what the owners manual states for the recommended pressures.
  9. Bodeen

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    Exactly. Tyre pressure from manufacturer to manufacturer vary greatly (as much as 10psi). To believe what HD recommends for the bike is great but I will stick with the manuf. recommendation every time.
  10. Jack Klarich

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    Always check with the manufacture, they have done the R&D, HD has been using Dunlops since forever, and now Michelin ALL tyres are not created equal JMO