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Dyna Speedometer Wiring

I think I may have messed up the wiring in the plug that goes into the back of my '02 Dyna speedo when I was installing a tach. Can anyone help me with the proper order of the color coded wires at the clip going into the back of the speedo. I have 3 wires coming from speed sensor (red, black, white), 2wires for the reset button (both grey) and 4 other wires coming from the main connection block under the headlight. My shop manual isn't much help with this one. There is no light, no odometer, and no speed.

The tach works great!!!!

Thanks a lot!!
Sounds like you have some wires misplaced in the connector. The shop manual should have a diagram in the back that would show you wire colors in the plug for the speedo in the proper diagram.
The diagram is position specific usually. By this I mean that the way the wires are shown in the diagram is the way they should go in the connector.