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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by cdn-bigfoot, Apr 27, 2011.

  1. cdn-bigfoot

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    I have an '06 Streetbob. My wife rides double with me once in a while. This year we have a long highway ride planned. Problem is the swingarm mounted passenger footpegs move up and down a lot with the rear tire. Has anyone found a way to frame mount the passenger pegs on these Dynas?
  2. R_W_B

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    I've never seen that implemented. On a Dyna you would have to mount it way forward and it would make it hard for the passenger to mount up (I would think).

    If you tried hanging something from the fender brace might be feasible but again there, it might put too much of a sideways stress on the fender brace during mount and dismount.

    The softtail models mount the passenger pegs on the upper down frame of the softtail which is what causes their passengers to have that old rigid frame look of their feet (and knees) being up higher. But they have some movement also.
  3. IBA Harley

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    Yeah, my son's Dyna is the same way. The problem we're having is more with HIS pegs... can't put highway pegs far enough forward for his long legs. The way he has it rigged currently is less than ideal and not very nice looking (IMHO). Good luck with those passenger pegs... what a pain.
  4. SilverFoXD

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    The passenger pegs are located close to the swingarm pivot point so their movement is much less than the up-and-down of the rear wheel. I'd say total movement is in the half inch range, and I'm not sure it would even be noticeable against all the other bike motions once you're rolling.

    I haven't ridden as a passenger on my own '07 Dyna to know for sure, so perhaps some passengers will chime in on their impressions.

    BTW, has this been an issue for her on past rides?
  5. whacko

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    On my 2010 fxdc the passenger pegs are mounted very far forward on the swing arm which means the up down movement of the swing arm is not that great. My wife has never mentioned it feeling like her knees are going up and down.
  6. cdn-bigfoot

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    She's complained a few times about her foot going to sleep. Perhaps that is more due to the knee bend than the vibration. I see what has been mentioned about the softail passenger pegs being mounted too high. This would likely be worse than the swingarm mount.

    HD makes a +2 inch extended forward controls for the Dyna. They look great and should fit someone up to 6'4"+. I'm 6'2" and have the forward controls, not the 2" extended. I like mine but would likely fare a little better with the extended at +2 more inches.
  7. Tnbrit

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    My experience with the passenger pegs(07FXD) is more to do with vibration than movement,the swingarm position gets all the vibration from the engine/trans assembly,where as the rider pegs have some isolation,with the frame having the engine isolator mounts,also the swingarm gets none of the road isolation from the shock absorbers like the frame does.
    The vibes are so bad on our bike at certain rev ranges,that if I can't get the pegs off the swingarm we're gonna have to sell the bike.
    I've bought some adjustables & extenders(Kury)& i'm going to see what I can come up with,i'll post the results(in June:))
    If any riders are intersted in how bad the vibes in the rear pegs can be,put your feet on them while riding & see.:s

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    On my 2000 FXDS, My wife rode with me a lot... I bought 3" offset extensions that not only moved her feet Out a little but Dropped her foot by 1" and that Made the World of Difference...

    The Nice chrome dog-legs,,, mounted right into the regular U position of the Old Peg and Comfort was Huge for the wife.. Like said 1" Lower made a big difference... Looking good also and Not in the way when the peg was folded up..

    Hope this helps...

  9. cdn-bigfoot

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    Sounds like a partial solution. Any Photo's BUBBIE?
  10. jimmymac1972

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    Just asked my wife if she ever noticed any movement and she said she hasn't. Just that the right peg really catches a lot of heat of the exhaust. Would floorboards back there help that or is it just no way around it on that side?