Dyna: oil overfilled.

Discussion in 'Oil' started by Neversaydie, Aug 24, 2007.

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    I have 13000 on my 2003 lowrider.
    I just did an oil change and i was certain I did not over fill.
    Took it for a 15 min ride after changing and it was just at the full line.
    2 days later and about 100 km's I just finished a tour around the city , hitting a couple shops and I checked my oil again and it was about a 1/3 of a litre over full!!! The bike was quite hot.
    I did just switch to Royal Purple - Does Synth oil expand more than fossil oil???
    How much damage if any would this do to my bike in the 2 days it was over full.
    I have drained out the excess, took my bike for another spin and it is right at the full line when fully warmed up.
    Do I have any thing to worry about?

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    Hi People , I had originally sent this to Glider as a PM,
    I will share his insight on this situation.

    Reply from Glider:

    Quite possible you didn't drain all the oil out before the change. The engine sump can hold some oil in it when you drain the oil. What you found isn't that uncommon.
    I like to idle the bike in an upright position for about a minute before shutting it down to change the oil. This assures that the pump can scavenge the engine sump properly and you get more of the oil in the tank. This is more true for softails and sportsters where the oil tank is higher than the engine.

    As far as damage to the bike, the most common thing is that the oil gets pushed out the head breathers and makes a mess in the air filter. I wouldn't worry about any damage from the short trip and if there are no signs of dripping, don't concern yourself.

    Ride safe
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    I also forgot to address your question about synthetics expanding more than dino oil.

    There should be no noticable difference between the two.

    Thanks for posting it on the forum.
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    I use a turkey baister with a hose to suck out any unwanted oil