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    my 94' dyna convt has started to sputter and then lose all power. I play with the key and watch the nuetral and oil light to see if I have juice again. I have never been able to restore power by doing any thing, but ussually with in 5 minutes some how it works again. this happens 3 blocks into a ride or 30 minutes in?? I do have screaming eagle ignition module and performance coil.with seat and ignition module cover off, pulling on wires I cannot duplicate the power loss. any ideas?? thanks
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    Start at the Battery, clean and tighten the connections, check the voltage, Check all fuses and breakers, Check the battery connection at the starter, All power runs through the starter solenoid
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    Check the condition of the battery.

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    Actually I had a problem with the ignition switch itself recently. It is the one part that is constantly used over and over. If you have items on that key ring (I had the fob and house key on mine), all the vibration and wear will take it's toll and a rather tough lesson.

    So if you have ANYTHING hanging off that key, remove it. If there feels like a lot of "slop" in the fit or binding, time to get a new key and may have to get another switch with lock cylinder. You do not want to be stuck with an intermittant problem...don't ask me how I know! :(

    I would also check the "thin" wiring as well going from and including the starter solenoid (and relay if equipped). I also had the bad battery terminal problem on a "new" battery, so your Sherlock Holmes moment continues. A DMM (Digital Multi-Meter helps. Jack Klarich found this site which is helpful if you want to know a little about electronics :s

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    This may not apply to a 94 but another possibility is I think it is called the bank angle sensor. This will shut the engine off if the bike leans over too far.

    Also, it could be bad or dirty contacts in the handlebar kill switch.
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    Sounds like the main breaker. After time it can get weak. It basically starts shutting off power at a lower amperage then it should. No bank angle sensor on a '94. I belive that was '96 and up.
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    I have a '92 Dyna that is quite similar to yours. You say you have taken the ign. module (left side) cover off. Have you tried taking the whole plate that the ign. module bolts to the back of off? There's lots of wires in there that can be rubbing. Slow and methodical isolation may uncover the culprit. Also, I remember when I changed my ign. key lock, one wire was chafing on the battery tray. One more thought; those Dyna's oem battery had the positive post to the back, and the neg. post next to the frame backbone. I (and many others) put a different battery in, because the correct one was not immediately available. The only difference is the positive post is in front, and VERY close to the frame. Maybe worth checking.
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    I had the same problem on my '93. After much effort finally found the problem. There is a connector block that runs through the plate where the breakers are. Pull the wire block apart and odds are you will see the larger red wire has been arching. I cut both ends back. Installed some new male and female clips. Put it back together and haven't had the problem since.

    Of course this was after I replaced the main breaker and tried everything else besides a big hammer.
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