dyna heat deflectors & footboards

Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by charyle, Apr 3, 2012.

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    site looks like it has a lot of good info. It's unfortunate they don't make heat deflectors for the dyna super glides. I did a 400-mile trip August 2011 and ended up with blisters on the back of my right leg from the heat. OUCH! Looking for large footboards for my bike if there's any out there bigger than the HD "large" footboards which are only 3". Charyle
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    Welcome aboard from Canada. :s
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    Welcome! I've been trolling hdtimeline since I got my used 2010 Fat Bob. I've learned a lot of good stuff from this site.

    I had a heat problem, sometimes it felt like I was sitting on an oven. Last month I got a Dobeck Electronic Fuel Injection controller for my Fat Bob and now it seems 50 degrees cooler. Although I have never actually measured it, I guess it would have been way over 400 degrees before, but now I need to put my hand out to check if the engine's hot. Gas mileage went up 2 miles per gallon, and the Thunderheaders still roar but lost a lot of that cold startup brass.

    My foot pegs scrape the road on turns a few times a month, so if I got floorboards they would have to be narrow. I've been thinking more of putting foot pegs on the engine guards for my next long ride.