Dyna Beads and Nitrogen

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by lqdesertrider, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. lqdesertrider

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    Has anyone used either of these products in their bikes? One of my riding partners just put Dyna Beads in his bike and he really likes them.

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  2. SledDog

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    Sorry Smitty, but I don't understand what you're trying to say... I got the nitrogen part.. Be I'm lost on the rest of what you're referencing.
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    No substitute for a dynamic balance with the good old lead weights. Doesn't get any better IMO. You can keep all the new fancy things that are on the market.

  4. STEVE07

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    My son brought all the brochures hone from the auto show and tried to convince me to use dyna beads.I tried a similar product in the early 80s and I swear it made the ride rougher so I will say no thank you.
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    As the tires on my bikes get worn they began to get out of balance and require rebalancing to keep the smoth ride. Started using dyna beads and no more rebalancing and smooth ride on every ride for the full life of the tire. The air we breath is 78% nitrogen I have never tried it and can't comment on it. I don't think an additional 22% of nitrogen will make that much difference. Just my opinion. I'll save that money and spend it on the beads.
  6. Classynomad

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    We use a couple of similar products that are marketed to class 8 truck operators, Equal, and Balance Beads. The product is supposed to migrate to the light side of the tire/wheel assy and function as a real-time dynamic balance.

    There are arguments as to it's effectiveness and service life, especially when things like un-dried air are introduced to it's environment(inside your tire). Equal is more like a weighted powder, and I've heard stories about clumping, and scrubbing of the inner liner of the tire. The Balance Beads are just that, a little beadier-looking. I've seen both products(both are small enough to introduce through the valvestem with the core removed) and the Equal is powdery, while the Beads are almost glass-like in appearance and texture.

    There is another product that is essentially a tube that mounts over the studs, proximate to the bead of the wheel. Low-friction ceramic balls roll in an oilbath and again, they migrate to the light side of the installation to effect a rolling dynamic balance. This is marketed under the name "Centra-Matic Wheel Balancers" and has a better following than Equal or Balance Beads. I ran Centramatics a long time ago, and they actually overcame the nuisance of a slightly out-of-round tire, and I have run the other products(more aptly comparable to DynaBeads, I would think) and have remained undecided about my opinion of them. If they could manufacture an appearance-oriented version of the Centramatic for motorcycles, I'm sure it would be popular, but I'm just not into gadgets and gizmos.

    I have to agree that the old lead weight concept remains effective and is more easily serviceable than something that goes INSIDE the tire. Yeah, you still have to remove the assy to balance/rebalance, but you don't have to break down your mount to get rid of it if you don't like it.

    I have a particular affinity for the old static bubble-balancers, if you're lucky enough to know where one is...

    Happy Motorin' -F-
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    Here's a link to the dyna beads. Tire Balancing Products
    You can read all about them and decide for yourself.
    As for the Nitrogen...used it in heavy equipment suspension cylinders and some tires.
    Can't really see any advantage to it in the cars or bikes that would make it worth the cost or effort.
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    Nitrogen is used in all aircraft accumulators, shock struts and tires due to the simple fact that the pressure in less-affected by temperature variances. Imagine a 747 flying at 37,000' and landing with all of its tires soft and landing gear oleo struts bottomed out because they were in a -60° environment for the last 10 hours. Same principal for use in tires on a car/truck/bike and racing applications (NASCAR) where ½-psi can really throw a car's wedge out dramatically.
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    Typewriter Versus Computer. Don't be scared of technology. Try the beads.
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    I was never good with typing,Not great on a computer,but I embrace it's technology,However I will still have my tires balanced and not have a bunch of little beads rolling around in there JMO