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    This is a great forum, and I'm gld I found it. BUT what bothers me is the number of serious drive train issues with these bikes and the frequency of owners experiencing the problems. My 2008 FLHTC has 23000 miles, has been meticulously maintaned...especially oil changes, and now I'm just waiting for something to self destruct on my next ride. Paranoid? maybe?
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    I think you may be a little paranoid. Plenty of guys on this site with over 50k on their scoots and no issues! I have two seasons on my ride with almost 18k on the clock and no problems. Just ride and enjoy!
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    Yes anything man made may have some faults. There can be a occasional failure. But as you continue to visit forum you will find the that the good far out weighs the bad. And the advice here is more directed on how to make your favorite HD all the better and more enjoyable...:s
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    i have 37000 on my 2010 flhtcu and only problem was brake switch recall and tank mount recall. other than that tires, oil(dino), fluids and good service to keep everything in good shape. i always expect my ride to get me to where i am going and back. if something happens call a tow truck. it an adventure. if you dont want something to happen dont let your bike hang around bikes that are not maintained as well. it might get ideas.
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    I had a 97 Road King that I bought used with 4000K on it. I put another 41K on it, changed the fluids slightly more often than recommended. It did not use or lose any fluids, was a nice looking and nice to ride bike after i got done making some minor changes (handlebars and seat). Was so slow it almost couldn't get out of it's own way and I rode it like a sport bike and truly loved the bike!!! I traded it for a 2008 Ultra Classic and basically need to do the same mods to that to make it "my bike". After these changes it should be perfect for me. Too sum it up, do what you should when you should and enjoy your ride without thinking of the worst! No sense it sweating what is unknown!
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    just make sure you know how to retrieve the CODES and make a cheet sheet of that part of the manual. just in case and enjoy the ride.
    roll on and throttle-up.
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    Change the fluids when needed and do the basic pre ride inspection and ride. If you do that and anything goes it's be on your control. Parts are man made and do break from time to time. Enjoy your ride!
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    If you maintain your ride you can expect Normal problems, That said how many bikes have you seen with the same problem? Quality control can do only so much, IMO it has gotten better over the years, If H D wants to survive it will get better
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    Paranoid, that's the nature of forums. You hear all the horror stories yet there are 100s of thousands running around trouble free. I have 35k on my 09; still have original plugs and front and rear brake pads, 0 problems. I have a close riding buddy with 95k on his 08 RG and never had any problems either.
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    My 07 has 50,000 miles on it now and has had a few problems,but if I would have left it alone,not changed the advance and put bigger cams in it,or if I had ridden like I should ride a bagger I probably would be among those that praise the reliability of the newer bikes.
    A friend used to tell me that I cause my own problems because I haven't learned to keep my front wheel on the ground.