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Hi,Any one out there know if I can replace the 401 dunlop rear tire for a 404 dunlop rear,and still run D402F MH90-21 tire. Thanks
I bought the rear tire from that same place too,but my ? is should I replace the front one
since the 401 rear tire came with the D402F front tire OEM... I would like to install the 404 Dunlop,with D402F MH90-21 OEM...
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NO need for opinions thanks I received a reply from Dunlop

Thank you for taking the time to contact us with your motorcycle tire
questions. It is always best to match, exactly, tire brand, model and
tread pattern whenever possible. Correct matching of front and rear tires
is important to obtain optimum performance and handling. Mixing radial
tires, or radials with non-radials, may adversely affect handling and
stability. That being said, we do NOT recommend using the D402 and D404 on the same vehicle at the same time

With the quality of the American made junk lately, I don't look down my nose at something made in Japan anymore. I have had some real good cars from there (Acura) There was a time when they were assembled in Japan and as soon as the Americans started doing the assembly, small problems were cropping up.....go figure!