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Dunlop tires!

About how many miles can I expect out of the Dunlops that came on my 07 Sporty? I am an easy rider. I don't abuse my scooter!
As a general rule, you can expect about 10K out of the rear and half again as much out of the front tire.
I got rid of the dunlops on my Sportster at 500 miles.They were rough riding
on the freeway, tracked in road grooves and would slide and spin in the corners.
Treadwear rating - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

That link will explain treadwear rating numbers,, which is what you as a rider need be concerned with, however extreemly few seem to be aware even exhist. A higher treadwear number can mean a longer wearing tire, but it's also harder,, so if you are in a wetter climate, or daily ride twisties,, this may not be the best tire for you. Also a low treadwear number usually is a softer tire, which will grip better on the curves, usually stop faster, but will wear faster. You need a tire that fits "most" of your normal riding conditions for your area. So when tire time rolls around, look at the treadwear number on the sidewall, research a little an make a smart decision based on your particular needs.Tread pattern, that's another story. :bigsmiley17:
Still have the original Dunlops on mine, sitting at 14000k or about 8200 miles and still have 1/2 tread left. Happy with them, just a personal choice I guess.
I have Dunlap problems at all. I have 'bout 44,880 miles on my Road King. I seem to replace rear tires ever 10 k, and today at 44,880 I put on my 3 rd front tire. So avg just over 22,000 miles on the front.