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Dunlop E3 Tires

Spike King

Hi people... wondering if anyone has any experience with dunlop e3 as far as... handleing... ride...mileage...quality any thoughts
If this question involved my CAR I would not have to ask as I have been using radials since 1980. but here goes. ( I hope this is not a dumb question)

I have Dunlop D402 on tubeless rims on my Ultra, can I use the equivalent radial tire like a Dunlop E3 on the same tubeless rim ?
Shouldn't be a problem, only stipulation is that you use a radial tube also on spoked wheels.

As far as should you? Radials are not used on many bikes , I believe the reason is the sidewalls and too much flexing. I could be all wet here though.
Glider after much research on the net, the side wall flexing was my concern. Thanks for confirming that ... Scratch radial tires.

Smitty901 my first choice was to go with Metzelers but after reading about the Brazilian controversy (880 POOR QUALITY) I may go back to DUNLOPS.

I like the Dunlops as they are easy to buy in my area , but my problem is that I find the Dunlop tire compound too hard , has poor traction in the rain and has poor tracking on the road , especially with those tar scars. I also have an Ultra that I ride one up only , but as I weight 250 lbs , I am concerned about the load factor of the tire.

Does anyone know if Dunlop offers a premium (NON RADIAL) tire that overcomes these issues. I have visited the Dunlop site and brain went into overload.

Any help would be appreciated.
Look into the 491 or 591 series dunlops. The thread is deeper and I have used them on a previous bike with good results.
Thanks everyone for your opinions.

I going to a tire dealer tomorow to buy a set of tires.

My choice may come down to eeny , meany , miny, moe catch a tire by the toe, if he hollers let him go eeny , meany , miny, moe

Moe wins.
Drove 1hr to a tire dealer that sold AVON tires, was told 4X's in a 2 hr period that someone will help me.

No one did and told management where to go. (They had good prices)

Drove 1 hr back with no tires ....:(

Went to the local HD dealer and bought Metzelers :newsmile093:

Was told to come back next thursday , AAAAAAAAAAGH !!!!!