Dunlop D407 180/65B16 Rear Tire Cupping

Discussion in 'Wheels' started by cromedome, Sep 18, 2010.

  1. cromedome

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    The rear D407 on my 09 Road Glide started the "cupping" just like the font did.
    I called the HD customer service line, they gave me a ticket number as told me to take it to any dealer and have it checked.
    The front was replaced by the dealer at 6K miles, took it in today at 10.5K on the rear. They checked it out and ordered me a replacement under warrenty.
    They told me it appears to be a heat related problem, as soon as the weather got warm, the tires started "cupping out" they had replaced several.
    The dealer is Shenandoah Harley Davidson, in Stanton, Va. GREAT folks to deal with!
  2. bernie19991

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    I got a 2009 electraglide classic. I took it in for the 8000k tune up and I ask them to check out my front tire for cupping because I got a notice of a recall the guy told me it was ok. when I took it for the 16000k tune up it was really cupping and it was a differfnt guy and he checked it out and told me there was no problem they replaced it and it didn't cost me a I checked out my back tire and it's cupping too I hope they replace it too with no cost to me as soon as I take it in to get my recall for my gas tank done I will ask to get the tire replaced. I deal with eledridges in Sant John New Brunswick in Canada