dtc codes for 2003 fatboy/fi AGAIN

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by mwsanford, Jan 25, 2008.

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    I ran across another guy with the same issue.
    When i do the procedure for checking my error codes according to "glider", i dont get the word "diag" in the window.
    I get d01,push again and i get d02 and so on through d10.push again and i get ppu,push again and i get 82388.
    I appreciate "gliders" help but there's something differant on the 2003's. please help.
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    That link I sent you before will work on your 03. I had the topics mislabeled during the crossover period and they are corrected now. The 04 and later serial bus bikes is the one you were trying that didn't work.

    Use this procedure.

    00-03 HD Codes And Activation - Harley Davidson Community
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