Dropped Hardware on Bike

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Shifter, May 7, 2011.

  1. Shifter

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    I've been working on relocating my horn and coil on my Fatboy and needed access around the battery with the wiring during the job. The negative wire was already disconnected so all I had to do was pull the positive, which has a washer behind the wire connector. I fumbled it and dropped the washer. Thinking I heard it hit the floor, I looked and couldn't find it. I started looking @ the engine, tranny, starter area. Couldn't find it. Pulled the splash guard , with no luck. Used a magnet and air everywhere and still no luck. I pulled the bike down off the floor jack it was on and the found the washer in the jack frame. As I was putting up the tire splash guard back on I was surprised to find another washer laying on the floor under the motor. Guess the previous owner/shop lost one too and let it go. I've heard f other people losing hardware on their ride and feel lucky not only to find mine, but another one. I guess I was lucky it stuck where ever it was at and never got caught up in the belt!
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    Often a dropped washer or nut can be a real pest to find and sometimes they just seem to disappear altogether but they are there somewhere waiting to bite

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    That is a frustrating thing when it happens working on the bike. Glad that you found it with out to much trouble.
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    I usually had good luck by starting the bike up if it's possible and it usually bounces out on the floor.
  5. Shifter

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    Probably a good idea, vibrate it out. I pulled the bike down off the jack to move it and bounce it around. I couldn't start it up, the tank is off for running the extended wiring along the frame and down to the cowbell horn cover, the new location for the coil now.
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    I truly think that when you are working on your bike there is a large Black Hole that opens up and sucks anything dropped into outer space.
  7. R_W_B

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    That hole exists in my garage. I have emailed Stephen hawking about it years ago and he said there could be more of them. You have just confirmed that. If I could ever find the other end of it, we could start a hardware store.

    To the OP, I find those bright LED flashlites come in handy looking into it.
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    No, you wouldn't want the other end, because it's not a single strand. It branches out, one branch going into the brake calipers, another going between the teeth of the drive belt, and a third emptying into your shoe. Best to leave the contents in hyperspace, where they can't cause more problems in this dimension.:D
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    No Hands Land!

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    Man, do I know about tiny parts, hitting the floor, appear to be gone forever. I work on musical instruments and when a tiny screw falls to the floor in my shop, it can be found by walking outside, up my driveway, to the mailbox post...It's just as likely it would be there than on the floor where it was dropped:)