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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Melroy, Feb 9, 2009.

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    I live in the Oregon mountains and ride very dark two lane roads with animals constantly wanting to play chicken. I've decided to add some driving lights on the engine guard to light up the sides of the road better. These are 50 watts lights (each) which I believe will add about 8 amps to a circuit. Where can I safely tie in these lights so that they are not hot unless the key is on. If I run a seperate switched circuit from the battery, I'm sure I will be coming back to a dead battery as I'll forget to turn them off if I use them for daytime running lights too. I thought about tapping into the ignition circuit with a seperate switch, so once the bike is started, I can turn on the lights and when I turn off the key, the lights go off.

    Thanks for any suggestions. Sure do love this forum !

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    Headlight reminder modules that ping if headlights (or driving lights in this case) are left on, if ignition is on.

    Radio Shack and other electronic supply houses supply the tried and true 12VDC stuff. Installed one on my gals' 91 Honda Civic because there was no ping or light to tell you the keys were removed and still had the headlight on.
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    At 50 watts each, I wouldn't run through the ignition switch without the use of a relay to lighten the draw through the switch. I would check the fuse panel to see if there is a fused spare in there or run a separate feed for the lights completely. No need to overload a circuit.