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    I have a question for any electrical guru's. I washed my bike, dried it an didn't touch it for a week. Came back and it wouldn't start. Checked and the battery was dead. Battery is a year old. I recharged the battery and started to check if there was a draw on the battery. I pulled every fuse out and one by one checked to see if there was a draw. I get a draw from the Radio mem fuse (15 amps) and right next to it the Battery fuse (15 amps). My question is should these always be hot even if the bike is off?
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    Bike is probably letting you know battery is about to expire. Have battery properly load test and that will tell all. Have you check all battery cable ends for clean and tightness? Do you use a battery tender of some sort when bike is parked???
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    Good advice.
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    When you say a draw from the radio fuse, do you mean it has power with the ign off of are you checking for a battery drain using an ammeter?

    If it's power at the fuse, then you need to check the wiring diagram to verify which fuses should have power with the ign off. I believe the two fuses you mentioned should have power at all times but again a wiring diagram would verify. The amperage rating of the fuse has no relation to how much amperage is flowing. It's just a protection device for that circuit so the amperage can't exceed the fuse rating.

    I agree with dbmg about servicing the battery. Always clean, secure connections plus the battery also needs to be clean and dry (outside).
    I would suggest that you charge the battery and check how long it takes for the battery to "drain". Also, like dbmg suggests, have the battery tested after it's charged. There is no sense checking for a drain if the battery is at fault.
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    Yes, there is always a small draw for radio memory, and the security module. I've been monitoring mine for the last week, and it draws .01 amp. I may have the decimal in the wrong place, because I burned up the milliamp setting on my meter by being a dummy. :(
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    Speedo, odometer and ECM wil draw current for memory also, There is a hot lead to the starter and regulator from the battery, a bad diode bridge in the regulator could draw down a battery also Cigar lighter is hot also with ignition off
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