Drain plugs on bottom of 05 Deluxe

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    Hello, I recently purchased my first Harley (05 Deluxe) and wanted to change the oil before I started riding. Unfortunately, I did not realize that there were 2 drain plugs at the bottom of the bike (one for the oil which in under the oil pan, but I drained another plug that's also at the bottom but closer towards the front and on the right side). I realized I was draining the wrong hole because not a whole lot of oil drained and the pan was still full. Does anyone know what that drain plug is for? and how do I replace the little bit that did drain out by mistake?

    I appreciate anyones help on this.

    Thanks in advance.
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    Dont do that again, that can lead to major problems like cracking the oil pan. Make sure that plug is tight now and leave it alone. See other threads on cracked oil pans
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    Sounds like you pulled the plug in the bottom of the engine case which should never be removed for an oil change. Some have cracked the engine case removing it being it is installed with red locktite and isn't meant to be used for draining oil unless it's for diagnostic sumping conditions.

    Take a look here for the proper pic of the oil drain on your bike. As long as you didn't do any damage to the case, reinstall the plug to the depth it was before and don't remove it again.

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