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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by ot_tiger, Jun 14, 2009.

  1. ot_tiger

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    I'm thinking about getting some drag pipes for my bike. Its an 02 1200. I was wondering if the brand name mattered on drag pipes. You can find some on the internet for $60-70, but there are a lot that are more expensive. I know people say you lose performance and all that, but I drive slow and just like to cruise around. I want my bike to sound good and everybody tells me that drag pipes sound the best. Just want some opinions on name brands for drag pipes. Thanks.
  2. Crambo

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    Slip-ons sound better, I've got Vance & Hines drag pipes on my sportster, if I had known then what I know now I'd have have gone for a set of black 2 into 1's, if you do go for drags beleive me you will soon get fed up of the them, if not you, just about everybody within a half mile radius of you will...:20:
  3. SpringerSteve98

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    I have 2" full headers on my softail. I guess they are pretty much dragpipes with turndown tips. When they were installed the dealership didn't take the time to play with the jets enough for the bike to be right and i had to go thru the carb a time (or mabye two) before they are just right. They did cut off some baffle tips and bolt them in to increase back pressure. But be weary... Seems it takes a bit more time and effort to get it running right. Just sticking a jet kit in and air filter... chances are you're going to need to tweak a few things to get it running right, and even then you'll likely lose some MPG's
  4. DexDexter

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    I had drag pipes on my previously owned 2004 XL883C when it was first purchased. They lasted for about 1 month and were replaced with Vance and Hines short shots with quiet baffles. To me the bike looked, sounded and seemed to perform better. I had enough of the much too loud noise as well as did my neighbors, I assume.
  5. Joyride

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    I have drags on my bike but to make them run well I had to tweak the carb. What also helped with performance (and sound), I installed torque cones and baffles to increase back pressure. They are not too loud and have a nice sound.
  6. TQuentin1

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    "sound the best." Hmm. Don't know about that. Drag pipes are LOUD!! I have straights on my '91 Dyna. That is a carbed bike so I had to play with jets and also install cones at the heads inside the drags. I love them, but it is a personal choice issue. Also, if you ride your bike to work and have to leave way early in the morning, you are gonna get nasty looks from the neighbors when they see you!!


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    As Hobbit & TQ have said, drag pipes are loud...not necessarily better. That said I have drag pipes 1 3/4" with shrouds that make 'em look bigger in diameter...and slash cut ends to which I added 12" Baffles (pipes with lots of hole) to quite the bark down. Also had to tweek the carb jets and add washer under the slides (to complete the Stage I) after the air cleaner was also changed to S&S type. A lot of work to get the bike to perform with drag pipes...stick with Screaming Eagle slip-ons using your stock header pipes...Fed, State, EPA friendly and good deals are just around every corner.