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Drag pipe


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Well i dont want to run a drag pipe just a regular slip on with removable baffles im not looking for big hp gains just would like it louder is all im not really working alot so i dont have alot of money my buddy is giving me the slip on's thanks for all your help so far i am greatful.....Prunella
They cut the straits off about where the stock header whold be ending, and used cycle shack muffs. i was about to do that myself. i am wondering however, if the stock header with the crossover is a better performing unit than individual headers. i plan on doing this to my 1993 xl1200 in conjunction with the se air cleaner and a 89 1200 needle.
I am thinking about putting on some louder pipes ,dealer says i need to do a carb kit and a couple of my friends say there just trying to take my money that i dont need to do a carb kit does anyone have experiance with doing this with or with out carb kit and what happened if anything.
They are not trying to steal your money! If you put pipes on it you will not only need to re-jet the carb, but also put on a better flowing air cleaner, or it will never run right. Any increase in efficiency you provide for the exhaust side must be done to the intake side as well. These things run lean from the factory due to strict EPA regulations, so louder, better-flowing pipes will make it dangerously lean. This can lead to serious damage to the pistons and valves.

Don't give them any money for "kit"! You really don't need to change anything if all you change is the exhaust. But its well worth the money to get a free-flowing air cleaner and then all you need is a new pilot jet. A couple of dollars!

I agree that only certain parts may be needed, but if you have never done this kind of thing before, skimping will only cause headaches. You need the directions! Getting the kit all but guarantees success, even though you will spend more. Then next time when you know what you are doing, save some money. Consider it tuition. The other alternative is to have someone close to you with the know-how help do it to be sure nothing gets damaged.