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Double shifting, not double clutching!


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I took my 1999 Dyna wide glide, with 9,000 miles, out to drop off a movie. 9pm and about 20 degrees out, and had to "double shift," (the second toe shift would engage the gear), not double clutch, into 3rd and 4th. What gives? The cold? I sure the heck was. The drive was just a couple of miles. No noises or anything. It ran fine last week!

I'm going to replace the fluids with Mobil 1 synthetic 20/50 and 75/140 in the trans.

I can't wait to see the results on the 4 bikes at 30,000!

Thanks for the feedback.
Please only post your question in one forum.

What you experienced could have been partially from the colder temps. You didn't mention what lube you are using in the trans.

Take a look at this post fir a great syggestion on oil for the trans. Being the 5 speed, your best bet would be a GL1 oil instead of the platinum oil that is mainly for 6 speeds with extra additives.

Another thing to check which is very common on bikes is the shifter arm where it goes through the boss that holds it. More than likely it needs lubrication.This link shows a bagger but your wide glide in theory is the same thing. You can just remove, clean and grease the shaft to remedy the situation.

Take a look here for an idea of what to do.
Thanks for the quick response. I use Mobil (synthetic) 75/140. Today, I replaced all oils Mobil 1 synthetic 20/50 for the engine. I went for a ride but, it started to hail.

I will do what you stated. I will report back.