Double Date

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    Sally is all excited about her new boyfriend. He's got a brand new car and is coming to pick her up. Since they are only going to the show, Sally ate dinner with her parents and Sally love's broccoli. Not thinking about the consequences because broccoli gives Sally gas, Sally ate two helping of broccoli. A half hour later there's a knock on the door. It's Sally's new boyfriend, Fred. Sally's father answers the door and calls Sally down. Fred tells Sally he has a surprise for her so he needs to blind fold her. So, Fred puts the blind fold on Sally and they go out to the car. Fred opens the passager door and let's Sally get in. Now, Sally has to (edit), so she let's out this huge (edit) in hopes it doesn't smell. By the time the sound subsided, Fred now opens the driver door and gets in. He tells Sally, O.K. you can take your blind fold off, I want you to meet Tom and June, there going to the show with us.
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    Good one. I got a kick out of it