DOT approved half helmet

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Hotwheels57, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Hotwheels57

    Hotwheels57 Member

    Looking for the lightest DOT approved half helmet that doesn't look DORKY..
  2. Nails

    Nails Member

    Who cares what it looks like. As long as it fits good, has vents, and is comfortable. I have a Bell drifter and a GMAX, the bell is an XL and doesn't fit (sit down) on my head as well as the GMAX and it is a L. Needless to say I wear the GMAX.

    Best bet is to go to a store with a good selection and try them on. If you order one from the internet, make sure they have a good return policy. Some companies won't let you return a helmet.
  3. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    Nails is right about finding a store with a good selection to try on. A friend had a nice HJC brand DOT 1/2, slim design. I ordered a HJC for my wife online, it looks like a mushroom on her head. Different models from same makers are quite different.
  4. Hotwheels57

    Hotwheels57 Member

    I care what it looks like.. I don't want to look like a doofus.
  5. Rubyred

    Rubyred Senior Member

    This is why you have to try them on and don't take our word for it. Go to a dealer, any dealer and try them all on. Good luck!
  6. doctordoug

    doctordoug Account Removed

    I recently purchased the Harley half helmet in kevlar and I think it looks good and is nice during the hot weather. I also have a full face Arai helmet that I painted two tone to match my Deluxe. It is the best helmet out there but too hot during the summer.
  7. bonsi57

    bonsi57 Active Member

    Go to a Harley dealer and try on the Hybrid helmets. They are light weight. You can look in the mirror and see how it sits on your head. Some shapes are bubble like others more sleek. Up to the individual. Good luck.
  8. Trek

    Trek Junior Member

    Thumbs up on the hybrid. I have one and really like the way it fits and it is quite light.
  9. FerrousBueller

    FerrousBueller Junior Member

    I have a similar issue, and a simple solution. I've got a large noggin, anything I put on my dome makes me look like a Bobble Head Doll. Here is my suggestion: Shop for a helmet that you like the looks of. Make sure it fits correctly and is comfortable! Then RUN, do not walk to the register, pay for it and get out of the store BEFORE you look in the mirror.

    All of the helmets I've tried look ridiculous, there has been no getting around it. If I don't know how ridiculous it looks, I don't feel as silly wearing it.

    The law here in California takes any choices away from me. I have to wear a helmet if I want to ride.
  10. Cleftwynd

    Cleftwynd Banned

    Novelty helmet with a DOT sticker from another helmet has been the combination I have used for about 13 years now, haven't been charged and haven't needed a skid lid for any other reason than that.

    I would not recommend doing this by any means as safety should always come first. Sooooo, I just purchased a half helmet from the MoCo to prevent my son from growing up without a father if things go awry..... I figured I had better stop pushing my luck, one day, sooner or later, some cage or large animal is going to suprise me and there won't be a thing I can do about it. My arrogance is finally being tamed by old

    Forget what it looks like, safety, comfort, looks, in that order.

    Regards, Bill