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    At the 50,000 mile mark I decided it was a good time to change the fuel filter. The scoot had been hesitating when "on it" in the higher gears. Of course I changed both fuel lines while having the guts out. I found manipulating the unit out was more difficult than getting it back in. Couple of noteworthy findings:

    It took effort to blow through the old fuel filter compared to none at all for the new one, guess it was pretty dirty.

    The check valve fuel line had a hole wore through it.

    Both of these I'm sure contributed to the sluggish performance, and after I put gas in it and took it out, It felt like a new bike. It was also hard to start before, taking several cranks, now it fires up as soon as you press the start button.

    A couple hour effort that was well worth it.

    Worse part of the job was draining the last bit of fuel (before removing the check valve).....are there any easy ways to do this using the cross over line without spilling any gas?

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    I've found if you lean the bike way over to the right and siphon the gas out there's no fuel left in the cross over line. Tank is almost dry at that point. Or, you can "hot wire" the fuel pump and let it do the work for you. The fuel pump will shut off after a few seconds if the motor doesn't start, so hot wiring the pump is the only way it will operate without a running motor.

    Unfortunately, there is not enough room in the cross over for a quick disconnect like there is on the touring models.
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    Good idea. I ran it 165 miles before low fuel light came on but it still had 1 to 1.5 gallons left.

    Thanks for the tip.
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    Great catch! Sooner than later that was going to get much worse...
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    Curious as to whether you found any paint flaking inside? The paint in the bung where the cap threads on is peeling on my '08 RK and wondering if this is normal, and what to expect in the tank when my time comes to change the filter.
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    Inside of the tank looked smooth and clean, no rust. However I make a habit of filling up before getting home after rides. I've heard that is best to keep moisture off the inside of the tank walls.
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    Plus the fact it does not interrupt your ride when 1st pulling out. Nothing worse than getting in the wind and 30 or so miles you have to stop to get gas....:nosad