Doing tour in Bahamas on Harley

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    Wife and I are going on a cruise for her 40th from Baltimore to Bahamas. She booked a tour of one of the islands on a Harley. Was wondering if any of you guys did this before and have any recomendations. I ride a Heritage as my handle would indicate, love it, but always wanted to try a RKC. Any thoughts?

    I think it's a 3 hr. tour......her idea, she loves riding with me.
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    The RKC will give you a good idea of what the touring platform is like. I would ask the tour provider what year Harleys are being used and which models are available.
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    I would take advantage of riding a different model than I own also. I have never ridden a mcy. in the Bahama's but we rented a car. I could not adapt to driving on the left. I pulled over and let the other's drive.
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    I got this from google. You might want to do the same.

    Guests wishing to drive must present a valid motorcycle license and a credit card to the Tour Operator. The tour price is per bike and includes CDW insurance with a $2,000 deductible. The deductible is fully or partially charged to the driver’s credit card in the event the motorcycle is returned damaged. A helmet is provided and must be worn; closed-toe shoes are required. Guests with medical or physical limitations are not permitted on this excursion. The Harley-Davidson store may be closed on Sundays and public holidays.

    I tried to find the posted speed limit in the Bahamas. It could be anywhere from 20 mph to 36 mph.
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    God to know. Thanks I will be calling to see if a RKC is available.