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  1. rw1050

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    Was wondering if anyone knows the answer to this question.. If I go to florida during the winter and take the beginner driving class and pass, can i use that certification in another state specfically NH to get my license? obviously they dont offer classes in the winter in NH and I am down in Fla alot..
  2. dbmg

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    You would have to check with your local DMV but I would think not... If you are applying for a Florida license then yes....
  3. rhino 2

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    I would think to get the certification in Floria you need to be a Florida resident,
    So then New Hampshire would not accept it.:dknow:dknow
  4. Jack Klarich

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    Check your local DMV, you have to be a resident of Florida to get a license, Check with your local Abate chapter also
  5. Iceman24

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    Gotta go w/the majority on this one - DMV assist is in order. I recall getting my endorsement transferred from state to state while in military, but it was because I had valid "non-expired" license w/cycle endorsement so every state I was stationed simply added it to the new license when I transferred.

    Also, licensing rules are governed by residence & vehicle registration with the "rule of two" where you can't have a 3-way split (i.e. MN license, CA registration & live/address in FL). Pretty confusing, but hope this helps...good luck!
  6. Rubyred

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    It must be a state by state issue. My motorcycle endorsement in CT was accepted in NY.
  7. Lancer

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    If the class is a sponsored/endorsed MSF (motorcycle safety foundation) course then it should be acceptable in any state. With the exception of local laws you don't ride different from state to state. Upon completion I was issued a card that I took to DMV to get the endorsement on my DL. DMV didn't know what state it came from, just that I had one. Here is the link to MSF perhaps you should contact them and see what they say.

    Motorcycle Safety Foundation